A full Turnkey data science service

We offer a comprehensive turnkey data science service to help you get the most out of your data. Our offering includes everything from sourcing data through systems integration, to designing and building data warehouses, to building data models using AI, ML and Deterministic modelling, to ultimately visualising data using modern data visualisation platforms.

Data Acquisition

Retrieving and extracting the underlying data and then making it useful for further analysis.

Data is typically stored in various structured and unstructured data formats. For structured data, we extract it from source systems such as a SQL database. This process can be a once-off extract or a fully automated integration, depending on your business requirements. For unstructured data, such as Excel sheets or PDF files, we use file processing techniques to extract the relevant data.

Once the data extraction process is in place, we clean and collate the data to make it useful for further analysis. The cleaned data is stored in the most appropriate technology to enable further higher-order data analysis techniques.

Data Analytics

Data analytics uses modern data modelling techniques such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) in order to extract higher order insights from the data.

A typical data analytics process involves structuring data and identifying the input features. We first segment the data into a training and a validation dataset, before designing the model and training it using the training dataset. The trained model is then validated against the validation dataset. This is an iterative process that is repeated until the correct accuracy level is achieved.

Finally, the model is embedded into your business processes to ensure continuous value

Data Visualisation

Good data visualisation is key to presenting insights derived from data analytics in a way that makes it easy for users to understand, so that they can make effective decisions.

Our typical data visualisation process starts with user workshops, where we help you articulate your business objectives and the type of decisions you need to make.
Our data visualisation specialists then use this information to prepare a set of data visualisations. These are then reviewed with the relevant user groups, and their feedback is incorporated into the next iteration. We repeat this iterative design process until the final visualisations are agreed upon and made ready for deployment.

Our team then deploys the data visualisations into the production environment, making them available for your business users.